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St. Francis' Catholic Primary School
Truth & Love


Truth & Love


Hi I’m Miss Hemming and I teach in 2H. We are a fun and vibrant class that enjoys learning! All our learning is based on Building the Kingdom. We think about how we can show care, respect and compassion for others and how we can build God’s kingdom on earth.


Autumn Term

Theme: Dignity of the Human Person

Immersion activity. A rocket landed in the playground.

We thought about who was on the rocket and how they would have felt being lost and alone in a place they didn’t know.

Core text- Beegu.

Beegu was lost and alone on earth. We discussed her feelings and how lots of people didn’t want her. We linked this to being a refugee and how every human being has the right to be respected and to have a home.


Spring Term

Theme: Options for the poor and vulnerable.

Immersion activity. Rich class and poor class. The children had two contrasting experiences. One class had toys, treats and debates about what they could spend all their money on. The other class had nothing. We asked “Is it fair?”. We have to look after the poor and vulnerable.

Core Text- The Robot and the Blue Bird

The Robot was put on the scrap heap because he was no longer useful. The Blue Bird needed help to get to a warmer place so the Robot carried her. He looked after her and cared for her.

We made bird feeders that we hung up around the school grounds for the birds to feed on during the winter. We also made puppets for the sick children at the children’s hospital.