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St. Francis' Catholic Primary School
Truth & Love


Truth & Love


Hello and welcome to 3BM. We are a Year 3 class of 30 children. My name is Mrs Burridge-Mitchell; I am 3BM’s teacher and our teaching  assistant is Mrs Deva. We also have other TAs who support our class at different points during the day.


During the year we have had different  themes each term, linked into our Catholic Social Teaching focus on ‘Building the Kingdom’. In the Autumn Term our theme was ‘Dignity of the Human Person’.  We created an immersion event which included the children ‘discovering evidence’ that a homeless person had been sleeping on the edge of the school grounds. This ‘discovery’ started off an emotive discussion about how we could support those less fortunate, and why everyone is entitled to dignity. It linked well into our class story ‘Lob’ on which our Autumn curriculum was based.


 In the Spring Term, 3BM’s book was ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’. The class engaged in an immersion activity leading into the Spring term’s ‘Building the Kingdom’ theme of ‘Options for the Poor and Vulnerable’, which was a ‘competition’ designed to allow the children to safely experience the feeling of missing out. This led to a very thought-provoking session where the children explored the concept of unfairness. During this term we also visited Cadbury World, and learned about why John Cadbury was so passionate about improving his workers’ lives.