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Truth & Love


Welcome to the home page for 4C


Miss Collom is the class teacher with Mrs Zabir, Mrs Bibi and Miss Brumant providing support, with some children also being taught by Mrs Sandhu and Mrs Labourier. 4C made a really impressive start throughout the Autumn and spring term. They have proved themselves to be incredibly hardworking, polite and caring pupils of St Francis. They have settled in well into Year 4, showing term work and kindness.


This year Building the Kingdom has been our focus, with each term being centred around a different focus. During the Autumn term, our focus theme was ‘Dignity of the Human Person’, starting the year off with an immersion event centred around the theme of homelessness, where a scene of homelessness was staged at school. The children explored the scene and stretched their thoughts and understanding of the circumstances before them. 4C have really enjoyed exploring the theme of dignity and deepening their thinking about how they, as a class and individually, can be ambassadors of dignity within the community.


During the Spring Term, our Building the Kingdom focus was ‘Options for the Poor and Vulnerable’, learning about the Cadbury family, what life was like during the historical Victorian period and explored the production of all things chocolate! The children thoroughly enjoyed their recent visit to Cadbury World (Birmingham’s very own chocolate factory), having a superb time learning about how their marvellous chocolate is made and researching the fascinating history of the Cadbury family. On top of that, we even got to have a go at writing our names in chocolate (there was plenty tasting involved too!).