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St. Francis' Catholic Primary School
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Truth & Love


Welcome to Year 4C

Class Teacher: Miss Collom

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Zabir and Mrs Sagoo



Hello and welcome to the class page for 4C. Miss Collom is the class teacher and Mrs Zabir and Mrs Sagoo are the teaching assistants supporting learning within the class.


4C have made a tremendous start to back to school and have proved themselves to be kind, considerate and hard-working members of St Francis Catholic Primary School. We have settled in well showing excellent team work and kindness to all.


Our first theme was ‘Who Am I’. The children have enjoyed using the stimulus to create their own family tree and explore different countries that they are from.


In Maths, the first half of the Autumn term we will be focusing on extending our understanding of place value, negative numbers through zero, rounding, and written methods for addition and subtraction. We have been focusing on developing our skills including securing knowledge of times tables.


During the first half term, we looked at the book Gregory Cool in English. The children enjoyed exploring the character of Gregory and following him on his journey to Tobago. The children retold the story and wrote diary entries as Gregory, sharing their experience of what Tobago was like. We also looked at Free Verse Poetry, creating poems using the waves and the sea as a stimulus. We have also been focusing on our handwriting and presentation as well as spellings. Our work in English has been linked to our Geography and history work.


In Geography we have been looking at the county Trinidad and Tobago. We have explored when Trinidad and Tobago are located, using our map skills and looked at the differences and similarities between the UK and Tobago.


In Science, we have been looking at electricity. We have been making and drawing circuits and understanding how electricity travels from a powerplant to our houses.


In our R.E. lessons we will be focusing on understanding the Gospel values; learning about The Creation, and reading and understanding the story of Abraham to Joseph.