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St. Francis' Catholic Primary School
Truth & Love


Truth & Love


Welcome to class 5D


Class Teacher: Miss Davies 

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Pitters and Mrs Deva 


We are a year 5 class with more girls than boys. The children are from a diverse background, from many cultures which allows our class to have a great understanding of what makes us unique. Each member of our class brings something different to our classroom, which makes our learning environment special.

Since September year 5 has covered the topics: Who am I?  and Everything Changes.


Who Am I involved the children exploring their own backgrounds and cultures, as well as looking at the Black History and its impact upon today’s society. It also involved investigating the impact of colonisation on minority populations. In Geography, we explored parts of Africa. In History, we looked at Benin and Mali empires and the rise and fall of the British Empire. In Religious Education, we explored the creation stories in detail and studied the sacraments of baptism and confirmation. Our maths units were: place value of numbers up to 1,000,000 as well as addition and subtraction of numbers of up to 4-digits. The children made jewellery based on bracelets and necklaces found in Ancient Benin. In Music, we learnt the song ‘Livin’ on a prayer’ by Bon Jovi, the children enjoyed learning the rhythm and then learning the lyrics.


Our current topic, Everything Changes, is a study of the impact of Covid-19 upon the environment. Our first day after half-term break was an immersion day, where the children used imovie to create a voice-over clip relating to climate change. The children also designed environmentally friendly masks. We have looked at climates and climate change. As part of our science topic, we have looked at how plants reproduce and labelled the reproductive parts of a flowering plant. In Maths, we have studied statistics and are currently covering multiplication and division. The book we are using in this term is ‘Mama Miti’, the children have had discussions about the book including making predictions about the story. The children have created setting descriptions using an illustration from the book. In Religious Education, we are exploring Advent. In Physical Education, we have been learning basic skills to improve our fitness and skills, such as: running, jumping, leaping and cardio. In Art, the children are making landscapes out of old newspapers. We wrote prayers or poems for Remembrance Day.