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Truth & Love


Hello, I am Mrs Russell and I am 6KR’s class teacher.


This year St. Francis have been following a newly created curriculum which put Christ at the centre of all we do. We have entitled this curriculum, ‘Building the Kingdom’ because as children in St. Francis learn through Maths, Literacy, History, Geography, Music and more they are ultimately becoming servants of God and building his Kingdom here on Earth.




Building the Kingdom theme: Dignity of the Human Person

Core text for Autumn term: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas


This year, Year 6 children have been given the opportunity to read and discuss a high-level and engaging text in the form of ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’. This book is very thought provoking and encouraged children to think about how we can treat people with dignity and why this is so important.


At the start of term, the children were involved in an immersion event which was designed to engage the children in their text and theme for the term. A part of this immersion event involved all of Phase 3 (years 5 and 6) being mixed together. Half of the phase were told to wear their own clothes to school, whilst the other half were told to wear their school uniforms. As you can imagine, many children felt this was wholly unfair! This activity created quality discussion and questioning surrounding injustice and children’s rights.


Building the Kingdom theme: The Poor and Vulnerable

Core text for Spring term: Rooftoppers



During the spring term, year 6 explored the issue of ‘homelessness’ and how this affects our local community. During this immersion event, children were given two images, one of a big house in an affluent area and one of a homeless den. Their big question was: Are both of these images from the same place? Most children said no and were shocked after they were told that both images were taken locally in Birmingham. This immersion event created high-level discussion in class about injustice in our community and meant the children were more easily able to emphasise with the female protagonist in our core text. Rooftoppers is a novel that includes a lot of high-level language choices and has made the children think about their use of language and the impact it has on a reader.