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St. Francis' Catholic Primary School
Truth & Love


Truth & Love


Welcome to Year 6D


Class Teacher: Miss Dowling 

Teaching Assistant: Miss Douglas 


Welcome to 6D! Our staff are Miss Dowling and Miss Douglas. We have settled extremely well into life in Year 6 and have been work incredibly hard since returning to school in September.


Autumn 1- Who Am I?

During our first half term together, we explored and shared our family trees with each other and wrote some excellent non-chronological reports about our families’ home countries. We enjoyed reading and listening to tales from Africa and the Caribbean about the mischievous Anansi and wrote own character descriptions of him.

In History and Geography, we learnt about the empire of Ancient Benin, studying in depth their ways of life and their role in the slave trade. We learnt the history of black people in Britain and the different ways in which black and Asian people came to live in Britain. We read poems and stories about The Windrush generations and shared with each other stories from our families who were part of The Windrush generation.


Autumn 2- Everything Changes

This half term, we have been looking at both the positive and negative effects that the Covid19 has had on the world around us. In particular, we have been studying the positive impact the pandemic has had on the world. We have explored ways in which the Earth has began to heal from people staying at home more and we can take care of our world. We have used Pope Francis’ letter Laudato Si to inspire use to be the generation that can save the planet and we will be exploring ways in which we can do this as young people.