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06.11.23 - 10.11.23 


The children across the school took part in projects for STEM week. Each year group designed and created something and took part in cooking as part of our Health for Life project. They had to design, make prototypes and evaluate what was effective before creating their final project.


Reception made sandwiches

Year 1 made kites

Year 2 made pizzas

Year 3 made Greenhouses

Year 4 made Greenhouses 

Year 5 made Lighthouses 

Year 6 made Lighthouses and baked bread.


Ask your children what they enjoyed and learnt about during STEM Week. 




During October, St Francis celebrated Black History Month. Black History Month gives us the opportunity to celebrate and understand the importance and impact of black culture and heritage. Each year group focused on a different black author, learning about their lives and creating artwork and writing to go on display.