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St. Francis' Catholic Primary School
Truth & Love


Truth & Love



Welcome to class RC 


Class Teacher: Miss Carter


Autumn 1- Who am I

We have just begun in Reception and we are starting to learn new rules and

Our books were ‘So Much’ and ‘Ruby’s Worry’.  Linking in to managing feelings and families.

In history we found out about the person who invented the traffic lights, a black man called Garett Morgan.   We found out how important he was in keeping us safe when crossing the roads.




Autumn 2- Everything changes

We have looked at 3 texts, ‘Hair Love’ a story about a girl who has unruly hair that her dad cannot control and her journey to loving her own hair.  In ‘Rosie’s Walk’, we recreated the book in the classroom and went on her walk in the playground, using prepositions to complete this. In ‘Clean Up’,  we have been looking at the way the environment and animals are affected by people not throwing away rubbish correctly



This term we have been working on our basic skills in Maths.  Counting, identify 2d shapes, patterns and following instructions by using prepositions.