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Reception Nativity

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Welcome, my name is Miss Douglas and I am the Reception teacher in RD. What you may not know about me? When I was a little girl, four years old to be precise I became a pupil at St Francis Catholic Primary School. It was always my dream to become a teacher and come back and teach in the school that I went to as a child. Now, I am not only a teacher at this school but I am also the Early Years and Phase One Leader. I love the fact that I can be a positive role model to the children and instil in them that they can achieve anything they wish!


We also have lots of other amazing adults who work in our class, they are Mrs Kaur, Mrs Bibi and Mrs Byron.


I have an amazing Reception class with hard-working children who love to play, pray and learn together. RD are the best class in the whole school! (Shhhh don’t tell everyone!) and I have the pleasure of teaching them. In RD we have fun every day, we learn through play and are happy, inquisitive and independent learners.


Who Am I?

We kicked off the year finding out all about each other. We had a wow day where we came to school dressed in traditional outfits from our culture. We taught each other how to say hello and goodbye in our languages, we learnt about the different places in the world our families come from, decorated flags, created self-portraits and enjoyed talking about our families and why we love them ‘so much’. It has made us realise that we are all different, unique and special!