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St. Francis' Catholic Primary School
Truth & Love


Truth & Love



Welcome to Year 1S

Class Teacher- Mrs Smith

Teaching Assistant- Mrs Levell


Our main focus this year has been to ensure our children settled into Year 1 having been away from school for so long during Lockdown.

We were so proud of the children and how they came to school in September clearly wanting to learn. We had lots of gaps to fill but the children are working really hard to fill these gaps and we thank you, parents, for supporting them at home.


Our first theme was Who am I?

Our focus book was called “Through the window”

We had a fantastic WOW day when the children came dressed in traditional clothes and flags from the countries where their families came from.

The children talked about where their families came. We learnt about our family trees and we made flags of our countries.


We have been doing lots of practical activities so the children have the opportunity to access a similar style of learning to when they were in Reception. We have half an hour a day which is called “COOL TIME” Continuing Our Own Learning.

This is outdoor learning with lots of games and play activities to support our learning.


In Maths the catch-up units have been Place Value within 10 and 20. Addition and subtraction families and shape