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St. Francis' Catholic Primary School
Truth & Love


Truth & Love


My name is Miss Carter.  I have been at St Francis for 15 years and have taught classes throughout the school from Reception to Year 6.  I am also Curriculum Computing Lead.

Currently I teach year 1 – 1C.


During the Autumn term our BTK focus was Dignity of the Human Person.


Our main text was Beegu we imagined what it would be like for someone crash landing in the classroom.. We discussed who could it be? What it would be like to enter a strange place and not be made welcome?

The children were able to show empathy with Beegu.


In the Spring term our BTK focus was Options for the Poor and Vulnerable.


We emerged the children into this by having a Rich Class/Poor Class activity unknown to the children. The children had experience in both the rich and poor class and we recorded their responses both verbally and emotionally. The rich class had treats, sweets, games and fun.  The Poor Class worked with no ICT, no treats, no lights and in total silence.  They had the opportunity to look through the window of the Rich Class.

Our class assembly enabled us to put what we have been learning into practice by making sandwiches (with uplifting messages) for the homeless and then donating them to a Birmingham homeless shelter.



1D- Mrs Duffy and Mrs Jan or Mrs Zegan and Mrs Jan 


Welcome to 1D-In 1D, we are all eager to learn. We are kind and caring class prepared to work hard to reach our potentials. We are not afraid to make mistakes as we can learn from them. We support and encourage one another while we strive to grow into independent and resilient learners.


We develop our knowledge through a variety of exciting topics and events. During our time in 1D, we have been working towards becoming a compassionate and loving member of society. We have been encouraged to consider the needs of the poor and vulnerable first. We have  built our experience through Options for the poor and vulnerable theme as well as visits from the local charity. We read “Robot and the Bluebird” by David Lucas, a touching story that taught us about a healing power of friendship.