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Truth & Love

Year 5

My Name is Mrs Redmond and I teach the wonderful children in class 5R. I am also the Phase 3 Leader.  I have been at St Francis 20 years and have taught children from years 3 – 6. This is my 1st Year back in Year 5 after 10 years in Year 6.


Autumn term - Dignity of the Human Person


In the Autumn term our focus was Dignity of the Human Person and we studied the book The Journey. For our  immersion event years 5 and 6 we spent the day learning about the difference between the lives of children in UK and Germany during the 2nd World War. A part of this immersion event involved all of Phase 3 being mixed together. Half of the phase were told to wear their own clothes to school, whilst the other half were told to wear their school uniforms. As you can imagine, many children felt this was incredibly unfair! This activity created quality discussion and questioning surrounding injustice and children’s rights thus linking it to our history topic of World War 2.  Throughout the term we looked at the plight of refugees and how they refugees are treated in our community today. In science we studied the human body, in particular the circulatory system and the impact of exercise, drugs and alcohol has on the body.  At Christmas we all brought in chocolate Advent calendars, which were donated to the Crisis centre and to the Sanctuary which supports people who are refugees in our community


Spring term - Options for the poor and vulnerable

During the Spring term,  our topic was options for the Poor and Vulnerable. For our immersion event the children worked in groups to draw their dream house- we had some amazing mansions! This led onto a discussion around the basic rights that all humans and the standards of housing that is in our local area. We then redrew our dream houses, this time reflecting the need to have clean water, beds to sleep in, heat, electricity and space to move around in. Our first text was ‘Rooftoppers’, where we discussed what does it mean to vulnerable and how sometimes just being a bit different can make you vulnerable. In our D/T focus we have been looking at different types of shelters and had begun to design and make our own shelter.  During the February half term, we took these D/T skills and made Anglo-Saxon houses as part of our holiday homework. There finished results were excellent! We also conducted science experiments based around filtration and how we can make dirty water clean.