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St. Francis' Catholic Primary School
Truth & Love


Truth & Love


Welcome to Year 3S


Class Teacher: Mr Sweeney 

Teaching Assistant: Miss Hamilton


Hello and welcome to Class 3S. My name is Mr Sweeney, I am the Phase 2 leader and 3S Class Teacher. Mrs Hamilton is the teaching assistant in 3S.


Autumn 1- Who am I?

We have studied the book of ‘Gregory Cool’ looking closely at how we are all diverse and unique. We focused on important black people that have made an impact on our lives today to celebrate the black lives matter movement which was prominent during the first lockdown.

We researched Lewis Latimer and how if it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t have the lightbulb today. This linked into our DT topic where we created our own lightbox using a bulb, wires, batteries and a resistor.

In geography we focused on the Caribbean’s and collected information from Mrs Hamilton and using the I-Pads. To finish this topic, we had a carnival day in school. Linking into this we explored ‘The Windrush’ and how many of our families got to be in the UK.


Autumn 2- Everything changes

We have looked at 2 texts ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ and ‘The Tin Forest’. We have been looking at the way the environment is affected and linking this to current times of the Covid pandemic.

We have been exploring the Ancient Egyptians and discovering how they have had a huge impact on our lives today. We have found out they were very forward thinking and that we use a lot of their techniques today. Linking into this we have also researched where our food comes from and how it ends up on our plates the children have also planted their own radishes which are outside our classrooms.

In science we have been looking at living things and their habitats which is linked to our core texts. We have been finding Invertebrates whilst gardening and have begun to classify the animals in our environment.



This term we have been working on our basic skills in maths to close any gaps that developed during school closures in lockdown. There is a focus on times tables in Phase 2 and we have daily tests. The children also have access to ‘Timestable Rockstars’ at home and school. We have been focusing on the topics of place value, addition and subtraction and multiplication and division this term while using the concrete, picture and abstract approach in our learning