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Truth & Love


Truth & Love


Hello and welcome to Class 3S. My name is Mr Sweeney, I am the Phase 2 leader and 3S Class Teacher. Mrs Levell is the teaching assistant in 3S and we are supported by other TA’s during the day.


In Year 3 we have held immersion events to introduce children to the termly themes linked into our Catholic Social Teaching School Focus on ‘Building The Kingdom’. In the Autumn Term we held an immersion event linked to the ‘Dignity of the Human Person’. The children were taken out to an area on the edge of the school grounds where we found evidence that a homeless person had been sleeping there. This started off a discussion about how we could help others linking into the story ‘Lob’. During Justice Week family members joined their children in class to share their experiences growing up in a different country/culture.



 In the Spring Term the children took part in an immersion event linked to ‘Options for the Poor and Vulnerable’ through the story ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. The children were all given a ticket to take part in a raffle but only those children who met specific criteria were able to take part. This started a discussion about why it was unfair for some of the class. We also went on a class trip to the Cadbury Factory linked to our story ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. The children found out about the history of Cadbury and were able to experience making their own chocolate. We also found out how the Cadbury Family helped their workers to have a better life.