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St. Francis' Catholic Primary School
Truth & Love


Truth & Love

Class Prayers

Prayer is an important part of life at St Francis'. 


In Year 6, we ask the children to learn new prayers. The prayers they learn are the Hail Holy Queen (Salve Regina), The Prayer to the Holy Spirit,  and The Nicene Creed. We also retrain the prayers that we have already learnt. In the months of October and May we also say the prayers of the Rosary to remember Mary the Mother of God.

6T Class Prayer


Dear God,

Thank you God for bringing us onto this Earth

and for giving us Jesus to help us to organise our lives properly so that we can meet God in Heaven.

You are always forgiving to us when we are truly sorry.

You are truly great and holy.

Please help us to be hard-working, confident, determined and resilient so that we can always achieve our best, including in our SATs.

Please help us to make the right choices so that we don’t have many problems to deal with and that we are happy and make others happy.

Please help us to always follow you and not listen to others.