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St. Francis' Catholic Primary School
Truth & Love


Truth & Love

Meet our DSL's

Miss Rani 


"Miss Rani is very helpful. She helps us to learn and have fun. She is someone I can talk to as she is always there for us.  She is extremely kind and good at listening."

Miss Brumant

"Miss Brumant is a very kind Head teacher. She always comes and visits our classrooms. I know, I can talk to her if I have a problem. I always see her around school and she will always talk to us."


Mrs Stone

"Mrs Stone helps us in many areas of school. She is someone we can speak to and she is always friendly to us. I see her throughout school and she always says hello to me."


Mr Lewis

"Mr Lewis plays with us at lunchtimes. He is always reminding and teaching us about our rights. I like talking to him about my problems; or if I want to know more about my rights. He is very patient and helpful."