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Truth & Love


Hello I am Mrs Murray and I am the class teacher for the children of 6M.

6M have had a great start to the year engaging in a variety of curricular and extra-curricular activities. This year as a school community, we have decided to allow the children to explore beyond their classroom learning and introduced them to themes which open their minds to current issues in their local communities and their world.

This new theme of learning falls under the umbrella of our new school community scheme - Building the Kingdom. Allowing the children to explore in ways they can use their Christian virtues and values to support them in their wider community.


Building the Kingdom theme: Dignity of the Human Person

Core text for Autumn term: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

The children were given the opportunity of engaging with an immersion event to start the term, to allow them to understand the historical influence on the text they were going to read and how it linked to the ‘Dignity of the Human Person’.

Mixed with the year 5 children, they had the opportunity of learning about how injustice works and how this can be linked to how we treat people in society through a range of drama activities. The outline of one of the activities, were to allow half of the phase three (year 5 and 6) children to wear their own clothes, whilst the rest had to wear their school uniform. This decision was not explained to the children, however was planned to illustrate how injustice works in the world. The children responded brilliantly to this activity and were able to make wider links to other forms of injustice in the world. It was from reading the book – The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas- the children were able to draw on their experiences from the immersion activities and make link to the injustice with the story. This was followed by great discussion and an exposure to quality vocabulary to boost their literacy skills.


Building the Kingdom theme: The Poor and Vulnerable

Core text for Spring term: Rooftoppers

For this term’s Building the Kingdom theme, the children had the opportunity of exploring ‘homelessness’. They were given two images, one of a nice house in a ‘nice’ neighbourhood and one of a sleeping bag in the streets. The children were asked if both settings were from the same local area. A majority of the children responded with no. Unfortunately, they were shocked to discover both images were from local areas in Birmingham. This ignited brilliant class discussions and debates. The theme of the poor and vulnerable, helped the children to make links to the main character of the term core text, identifying more confidently how the character was vulnerable, after being found floating in a cello case in the ocean and how they could have experience homelessness, if she were not found.

Brilliantly engrossed in the Building the Kingdom theme, the children were able to make wider curriculum links in RE to biblical stories. An example, of this was the birth of Christ in a stable, the family being homeless, poor and vulnerable.

Trip to the Mosque

During ‘World Religion Week’, the children of year 6 explored the Islamic religion. The children engage with a variety of curricular activities, including visiting the local community mosque. The children were very respectful and listened carefully to different ways in which Muslims had similar beliefs to Christians. They explored the prayer halls and where Muslim ensure they are clean before prayer. They had the opportunity of looking at Islamic religious artefacts in school. Confidently, some of the Muslim children within our school community were able to share extra information regarding their religion and how it shapes their home lives. This was a brilliant way for the children to build their tolerance and be open to learning and understanding differences between one another.